Ashley Gilbreath founded AGID in Montgomery, AL in 2007. A Baton Rouge, LA native with a degree in interior design from Auburn University, she also studied at New York School of Interior Design. In addition to keeping a watchful eye on all the creative details and running a successful business, Ashley juggles life with three littles and a supportive husband. 

She has a passion for livable spaces where memories are made  •  She is a lover of old pieces that can be lived on  •  Coffee and wine are her staples…often at the same time  •  Dark Chocolate and her Mom’s chocolate chip cookies are her guilty pleasures  •  She looks at the dessert menu first  •  She believes there is nothing a pretty sunset can’t cure  •  She is convinced most rules are made to be broken  •  The beach is her attitude adjustment  •  She thinks blues and greens are neutral colors  •  Tiny babies and twins hold a special place in her heart  •  She (admittedly) lives in a bubble and (admittedly) likes it there  •  She believes understated details make the biggest impression  •  Too much symmetry is her pet peeve  •  She reads magazines from back to front  •  She has yet to find a problem laughter can’t fix  •  Scripture keeps her grounded  •  Faith keeps her going  •  Family keeps her smiling.